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Muller & Muller will remain open during COVID19. Each car will be disinfected before and after servicing. This will ensure your safety and also ours.



Joe Muller started Muller & Muller in 1968 with the assistance of Irma Muller his wife. Joe opened the first workshop in Lakemba, NSW originally working on Volkswagen and Audi, throughout the years and generations we now service all European and other makes and models. Joe started working at the House of David in North Ryde and through his experience there, he started opened his own shop. Today the heritage follows through with Michaela and Alfredo owning Müller & Müller Dural.

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In The Beginning...

Joe Müller was one of a few who created a car that floated across the Sydney Harbour know as the Sea Bug. There aim was to make it water tight, the boatswagen was fitted with a propeller of 10 x 8 on a brass shaft which was passed through the bumper bar. 

 Adrian Müller who has 40 years of experience also followed in his fathers footsteps, becoming a mechanic at the age of 15. He worked alongside his father and mother within the family business and has passed on his passion and knowledge to the next generation of the family including us.



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...Still Running

Müller & Müller Lakemba was the longest running VW agent in Australia. Joe Müller became an offical VW dealer in 1968. Müller and Müller Lakemba closed in 2016 after the passing of both Joe and Irma. In 2019 the workshop is reopening in Dural to keep the passion and tradition of a family owned and run mechanical business. Michaela Müller is the granddaughter of Irma and Joe Müller, she is apart of the third generation of the family tradition. Her partner Alfredo Topazio has been a mechanic for 13 years and was trained at the IPSIA Alfredo Ferrari High School in Maranello, Italy. Alfredo is highly trained in super cars and all European cars as well as other makes and models. 

 Michaela and Alfredo decided to keep the tradition of Müller & Müller owned by a partnership as well as a family business as they follow in the foot steps of Michaela’s grandparents.

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